Making intelligent tools for the age of Metaverse_

7 min readDec 29, 2022
Younite-AI. Making intelligent tools for the age of Metaverse

As an organization, we have recently made the shift from Finlabs Group to Younite-AI. Aside from the organizational changes of consolidating what was 3 distinct companies into one single entity, it also comes with a unified offering, bringing a single voice to our unique specializations.

We are still true to our roots and rely on our deep foundation in product and platform building. However, our differentiators are the progressive technologies we specialize in. We use them to create products and platforms that transcend functionality alone, and are set up for continued evolution and scaling. These tools and information will also be engaged with and consumed using some of the technologies commonplace today, but also ones we know at Younite-AI will be commonplace in the near future.

Why Tools?

Strip away any “technology” aspect of what we do and you have same results as the first tools created millions of years ago. A simple hammer, improves efficiency, performance and speed at a task. The thousands of years of additional improvements in materials, construction, along with the increased understanding of how we can further improve on the tasks we use a hammer for, result in the hammers we have today. Same “tool”, same problem, increasingly better results. These small incremental changes can add up to monumental shifts. Rather than focus our clients on big disruptive platform ideas, we focus them on the path to implementing change through the cumulation of smaller, but far more immediate, tangible, and quantifiable results. These then become easier to adapt over time to maintain or improve the advantages they create. We may ultimately have a bigger strategic goal in mind, but these goals tend to be more missions and North Star targets and ambitions. The goal for us at Younite-AI, is to reach those lofty goals in collaboration with our clients by building momentum and systematically picking off the more immediate improvements, one-by-one. This builds focus around “tools”, and not a sprawling platform solutions, allowing progression and investment to be far more controlled and manageable.

What are intelligent tools?

This is where our AI/ML/DataScience expertise comes in to play. Without intelligence, technology tools are simply practical responses to the here and now. We can still find a process or task that is inefficient in some way and use technology to improve it. But over time these advantages diminish if the tool created isn’t evolving and learning over time. What once was a competitive advantage for a company will dissolve as others adopt the same, now established, technology and assume the advantages it brought its originator.

Our goals are to build improvements that continue to improve even more over time like a fine wine or maturing cheese. We develop models that allow us to digest and understand complex data, layer it, organize it, understand it, deliver insights and drive decision making, fast. This generally delivers cost saving results immediately, allowing employees of an organization to move fast and achieve their goals quicker than they ever could before. However, we aim to use that concluding human intervention as yet another data source and an opportunity for our solutions to learn and constantly improve the results they deliver. This allows our customers to put more emphasis on obtaining the highest value, human dependent tasks from their workforce creating a happier and more productive culture as a byproduct of implementing cost saving technology. It’s a win win.

Age of Metaverse?

Yes, you read that correct and it got your attention, right? However, we are not jumping all over a buzzword for the sake of it. We have colleagues here at Younite-AI that have been working in, and creating on, the Metaverse for years. It is only now that these creations are becoming more accessible and more common place that we see the amplification of “Metaverse” as a topic. But what we are talking about is basically the next iteration of the web. There’s buzz, there’s excitement, there’s creative speculation about the possibilities it offers, but it’s still relatively immature. As my colleague at Younite-AI, and Metaverse veteran has often stated to me, When he looks at todays examples of “Metaverse” experiences, what he sees is akin to the early days of the internet and what websites used to look like.

An eye-bleeding example of an early web page

At Younite-AI, we recognize that the evolution of the underlying technologies surrounding Metaverse solutions will likely happen fast. In fact we are actively involved in the creation of these technologies by developing our own Metaverse solution that eventually anyone will be able to build upon. This rapid development of the foundational technology will result in a faster maturity of true value creating Metaverse solutions than most nay sayers expect. As it matures, we feel this will be the way people experience the same tools and services we currently see online. Only with Metaverse technology there are new ways we can interact and engage with them. The 3D element of Metaverse brings in the opportunity to go beyond a screen and into spatial environments. With that we can mimic physical experiences we have daily in the real world, take the heartbeat of interactions that occur there and deliver the same experience through a virtual digital experience. This can result in interactions being more contextual, more relatable, more immediately understandable, and ultimately more memorable.

However, the Metaverse is not all about 3D worlds. Metaverse technology also brings with it interoperability, collaborative experiences, and when you have an army of AI Engineers, Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientist, and Creative Technologists like we do at Younite-AI, we have new ways of experiencing, visualizing and engaging with data that adds a whole level of dynamism and intelligence to weave into our tools.

Sounds like a complex and expensive undertaking!

The only expensive thing about what we do is the failure to act. AI technologies are not new. These technologies are simply becoming more accessible, allowing their exploration and implementation to be quicker, easier, and cheaper. As a result, very soon AI driven tools will not be called out as such. They will simply be “tools”, and AI and ML underpinnings will be assumed. They will become the norm as the first wave of adopters and explorers benefit from being first and continue the development of their competitive advantage ahead of the following wave.

By isolating “tools” we break the need to look at working with Younite-AI as a one shot extended engagement. We build engagement by building trust, understanding that solving big problems really amounts to solving many individual problems. Those individual tools done right, will result in cost savings every time, but can be picked off in a manageable way, with controlled investment, allowing our clients to build more valuable improvements over time that always result in more and more ROI. You just need to take that first step to start the momentum that will turn your railroad handcar into a bullet train.

Our goal at Younite-AI is to allow all businesses to benefit from the impact of intelligent tools, large and small. We see the most value in building strong mutually beneficial relationships that constantly deliver ever increasing business impact for our clients. This starts with a technology foundation to build upon where the developed tools are ready to use now, but also ready to scale into the future with the changes in experience and engagement that come with time. There is a need to move fast and iterate which we at Younite-AI can achieve thanks to leveraging collective years of experience in developing intelligent solutions. This experience, past and future, is resulting in an ever-growing toolkit of proprietary solutions that we create at Younite-AI allowing us to jump in to solving problems many steps ahead of our competitors, getting to meaningful, validated solutions fast.

How do I get Started?

Just drop us a line. We’re confident that by taking any customers inherent knowledge of their own business and looking at their challenges through our creative technology lens, we can easily find ways to deliver valuable improvement, large and small, that will pay back any investment made today 10-fold. From there we can continue to build your custom toolkit to continue to deliver ever-increasing benefit and ROI, and integrate into your unique process and culture to deliver positive improvement without disruption.

About the Author:

Dave Papworth is the Creative Cultivator and Product Leader for Younite-AI. His career has taken him through multimedia, development, design, innovation, and ultimately Younite-AI.

While working in the advertising industry he led teams focused on technical innovation and how it can be leveraged for marketing campaigns and brand building platforms, creating forward-thinking projects that have been showcased at events like Googles Sandbox, and even recognized in Time Magazine as an “Invention of the Year”.

At Younite-AI, his focus is on building a team that can tackle any challenge, look beyond their boundaries, and grow the collaborative relationships we desire with our clients.




Making intelligent tools for the age of Metaverse_