Younite-AI & the Future of Work

3 min readJan 13, 2023

As part of Younite-AI, and my role within it as HR manager, I am constantly listening for signals of what is happening within our industry and organizations like our own. In doing so I am hear ever increasing chatter around our industry revolving around the future of work.

As I write this, just yesterday when listening to and exploring the Sitra Megatrends 2023 material, I couldn’t help of noticing the similarities and resemblance our company’s strategy has with their definition of “the future of work”.

The future of work is developing at an accelerated pace. The Metaverse is the way we experience today’s Internet in the future. VR and AR are the primary ways to access the Metaverse, and artificial intelligence makes it feel real. AI combines computer science and large amounts of data to “problem-solve” and “think” like humans with NLP (natural language processing). At Younite-AI we are making intelligent tools for the age of Metaverse. We use technology to create tools that improve business performance with AI, Metaverse, Cloud and Mobile technologies.

The data economy is growing at an explosive rate. AI, NFT, blockchains, the Metaverse, Web 3.0, the increase in the amount of data, open interfaces and distributed services, they are all changing the way we operate in information networks. There are great expectations for the future of data and the growth potential of the industry. But questions arises from megatrends: Will we succeed in creating fair game rules for nature, society, and individuals when it comes to “data”? Who creates those rules? Do we have common language and understanding?

People are constantly interacting with the digital environment, when virtual contents can be combined with non-digital environments in different ways. The younger generation is already doing this as we speak. They connect and meet new people from all over the world, build new worlds, learn to use technology at an early age, and speak an increasingly common language through technology. At Younite-AI, we ask ourselves, what are the opportunities the virtual or augmented world can bring to your company be it in customer relations, employee experience or simply amplifying your brand?

For me, I find being in an organization at that very intersection of these technologies, and the forefront of what can be done with them, hugely inspiring to be a part of. Our common passion and goals generates collaboration, and quite honestly collaboration that is fun to be a part of. It feels very future-focused and full of a passion that increases creativity, and amplifies connectedness amongst our employees. Together, as Younite-AI, I feel we are absolutely primed to conceive, create, and define future technologies that will hugely impact business, organizations and individuals globally. Wanna join us?

About the Author:

Jaana Laitala serves as Younite-AI’s HR Manager, working out of our software and development center in Oulu, Finland. When joining us in early 2022 when, at the time, we were Finlabs, Jaana quickly established herself as a central pillar in the office where she makes takes great pride in helping craft the employee experience where she can maximize fun, and maximize productivity.

Jaana is committed to making Younite-AI the perfect home for our employees, and a no brainer destination for potential ones. Besides her day-to-day work taking care of everyones needs in our Oulu office, her impact spreads across our network where she is always keen to make sure everyone is included, happy, and a connected part of our team.




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